“I find it extremely informative and my wife and I have been known to watch YouTube and your channel late into the night once we’ve got the kids to bed,” Poilievre said. “And, I’ve always enjoyed it and I’ve learned a lot about bitcoin and other monetary issues from listening to you.” For perspective, stable coin use has risen dramatically in the last two years, with estimates of total trading between Bitcoin and Tether, the largest stable coin, exceeding the volume of Bitcoin USD in 2019.1 That stable coin use should be growing so rapidly is consistent with their ‘raison d’etre’ – to solve the store-of-value problem by pegging their value to the US dollar (Yermack 2015). See news.bitcoin cmes-bitcoin-futures-rise-suggests-institutional-investors-are-starting-to-swarm-toward-crypto and cmegroup openmarkets finance what-is-driving-institutional-interest-in-crypto.html
Thomas Burgstaller, Chief Growth Officer at Coinfinity, highlighted the significance of this integration, stating, “Being this early to market is an important innovation step for us at Coinfinity, and Lightning itself is an essential foundation for the global adoption of Bitcoin as a usable monetary system.” Bitcoin can be a difficult system for beginners due to its complexity, including addresses and fees that can be confusing to navigate. However, some wallets can simplify these complexities, allowing users to send and receive coins with relative ease. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Lightning Network. Currently, there are limited options for smartphone apps that support Lightning nodes, and users must open channels before making any payments, which can be a time-consuming process. 

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