The easiest way to buy RUNE is by placing an ‘instant buy’ order to purchase it for a fixed price but not all crypto exchanges offer this feature. Thorchain confirmed in the early morning (UTC) of July 23 that it has suffered an attack that resulted in a USD 8m loss. But these tokens come with a malicious contract. And if the person does indeed sell their newly received UniH tokens (or even just approves them to be sold), then the perpetrator can also steal any RUNE tokens they possess in their wallet. Following another hack suffered by blockchain protocol Thorchain, and the sharp drop in RUNE’s price, the coin is now recovering. RUNE is the native asset of the THORchain ecosystem. First, RUNE is used to underwrite pooled assets and serves as leverage for THORnodes, so if a THORnodes breaches protocol or steals from the pool they can then lose part or all of their RUNE deposit. Second, RUNE is used to pay for transaction fees on the THORchain, similar to how Ethereum ‘gas’ fees work. Third, the most important function of RUNE is being the settlement asset of the THORswap liquidity protocol.
An NFT marketplace is a dedicated space where all the NFT enthusiasts can gather to mint, list and trade their favorite NFTs. Some of the NFT domains that the crypto market offers are Arts, Music, Video, Metaverse, Real-Estate, Digital Collectibles, Sports, Games, and many more. The DraftKings Marketplace is the best place to buy NFTs related to sports. Check out upcoming drops and auctions and browse NFT collectibles. Have a favorite sport or athlete? A search bar allows you to easily find the perfect NFT for you. An ordinal NFT marketplace works by creating a hierarchy or ranking system for Bitcoin NFTs based on certain characteristics such as rarity, popularity, or historical significance. This allows buyers and sellers to have a clearer understanding of the value and worth of each Bitcoin, and to make more informed decisions when buying or selling.

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